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17 June 2011

What's Musically Moving You?

As I mentioned in my first ever blog post, this online journal would not focus solely on matters of gastronomy and football.  Many of us go through these spells where we become temporarily bored with the music that we're listening to.  When I discover a new track, artist, or album that moves me, I tend to overplay such music until it bores me.  Below you'll find seven of the tunes that have been coursing through my headphones of late and compendious blurbs about why they move me.  I would also appreciate any suggestions for new music that I should check out.  What has been moving you musically?  What are you listening to right now?  Are you going to any summer concerts? 

(*Note: I am not legally responsible for the video content below.  If it needs to be removed due to copyright, please let me know).

1.  Scritti Politti-Sweetest Girl
 This is a truly an alone-in-your bedroom, just woken up type of track.  I've recently gotten into this English 1980's new wave pop band called Scritti Politti.  This was one of their first singles.  It's strikingly minimal, catchy, softly bouncy, and playful.  A friend of mine described this singer's voice as "Michael Jackson-esque." I also like to fantasize that I wrote these lyrics for someone.  Maybe you will too...

2.  Junior Boys-Itchy Finger

Ahhhhh Junior Boys how appreciative I am that you released your new album just in time for the summer.  As some of you may know, the Junior Boys, a Canadian electronic duo, are among my favorite musicians.   "It's All True" is their newest release, the first since 2009's solid "Begone Dull Care" The singer's voice is completely ethereal and inviting, the lyrics, clever, but straightforward, and the music, so packed with instrumentation and fading sounds, yet so fluid.  It's also quite good for the dance floor.  Give it a whirl...

3.  Led Zeppelin-When the Levee Breaks
Possibly one of my favorite Zeppelin songs.  The drums just hit so damn hard, and Plant wails his way to New Orleans and back.  At over 7 minutes, it is a long track, but worth the transcendent instrumentation and emotional delivery.  Just another perfect song by the band that, to me, oozes perfection in rock music.

 4.  Saint Etienne-Spring

Saint Etienne is an old-school English electro-pop group who made experimental and vivacious pop music throughout the 1980's and 1990's.  I blasted this song throughout the gray Massachusetts April and May, hoping and believing that one day spring would arrive.  Well it did, and it's still here for another week or so.  Enjoy...

5.  Gang Gang Dance-Chinese High

Gang Gang Dance is a Brooklyn-based band that I've just recently gotten into.  I find this song so enchanting.  It's slightly dub-ish, quite electronic, somewhat organic, and the lyrics are tantalizingly cryptic. 

6.  Friendly Fires-Helpless
Friendly Fires is an English dance rock group that I've been into for a few years now.  Much of their first eponymous album was Cure-like, though this album is less instrumental and more electronic.  Either way, it's so catchy, and completely appropriate for the warm summer. 

7.  Cold Cave-Life Magazine (Delorean Mix)

This track, a tropical party remix of a Coldcave track by the Spanish balearic masters Delorean,  is so unbelievably surfer bro.  I love it because I want to believe that someday I will be in a deep blue ocean, swimming and being able to hear this song pulsating from the beach....Who knows, maybe I will.

I hope that you've enjoyed listening to some different music.  I know that we may not have similar tastes, and I thank you for listening, but I like to think that I'm open minded when it comes to giving new music a chance, so let me know if there's something I should hear.  Until next time.  


  1. I refuse to listen to anything anymore that doesn't come from Africa.

  2. Hmmmm. Well that seems somewhat narrow minded of you.